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Learn Professional Consulting and Strategic Planning Facilitation (Entirely Online)

What Do We Mean By "Consultant"?

Peter Block, in his seminal book Flawless Consulting, explains that you are a consultant if you are in a role to help change a person, team or organization, but you have no direct control to make that change happen. So you are a consultant, whether you are in the role of coach, trainer, facilitator, advisor or mentor – or of fellow group member who is assigned to help your group to change.

Technical Expertise is Not Enough

Technical expertise can be very powerful for using certain procedures to improve various technical functions, such as finances, marketing and computer systems. Similarly, strategic planning facilitators might be helpful when using the same limited model of strategic planning for certain types of organizations and in certain situations. However, in today's rapidly changing organizations with highly diverse personnel, planners needs consultants who know a variety of different models and approaches to suit the nature and needs of their organizations.

"I felt that in order to be a top-notch consultant I need to hone my skill set. Consequently I enrolled in the Consultants Development Institute's course series to my extreme delight, to coin a phrase, this was just what the doctor ordered."
McClinton E. Porter, President & CEO Capstone Consulting

Interpersonal Skills Are Not Enough

Interpersonal skills can be very powerful in cultivating the wisdom, expertise and participation of people. However, expecting them to use those skills to solve complex problems and facilitate challenging planning is a bit like expecting them to use interpersonal skills to fix their automobiles, with little knowledge of how their automobiles work or the procedures needed to fix them. Organizations need consultants who understand – and are not reluctant to talk about – structures and strategies in all types of organizations.

Successful Consultants Also Need Consulting Skills

To be most effective in addressing today's complex problems in organizations, today's consultants need an understanding of consulting and how to authentically engage with clients. They need an understanding of organizations, their parts and how those parts work together. They need a clear and systematic framework for analyzing complex problems and then guiding and supporting clients through changing their organizations -- and sometimes themselves.

CDI's Virtual Courses and Series in a
State-of-the-Art Environment for Online Learning

CDI's virtual courses are provided in an integrated learning environment in which students can plan and manage their learning. Each course includes a useful pre-assessment, private Learning Journal, concise and clear video, extensive handouts to download and apply right away, and post-assessment to measure new learning. Some Series of courses include participation with CDI faculty to frequently pose questions, get answers and share resources. We stay with you while you apply your learning. Learners who complete the requirements in each Series earn a Certificate as evidence of their new learning and commitment to their professional development.

"I do recommend this program to anyone, including in Organization Development ... and it was great to have both internal and external people to give those different perspectives. The peer sessions were incredibility positive and supportive."
-- Kara Sime, HC Director, Agropur inc (Division of Natrel USA)

Our Mission:
Highly Accessible Training,
Especially for People and Organizations in Need

We use our low-cost and pro bono online courses and Series to:
  • Provide highly affordable and accessible consultant training and development to all kinds of consultants in all types of organizations, especially to people and organizations in need
  • Provide the nuts-and-bolts, comprehensive knowledge that is needed to form a firm foundation on which to add the more complex strategies that are written about so often today
  • Provide practitioners, who focus primarily on one set of skills, the comfort and capabilities to focus on all of the skills needed to successfully work with organizations, including consulting, people, organizational and systems skills
  • Provide guidelines for consultants to work in an authentic and highly collaborative manner with their clients
  • Provide a vast range of practical resources that can be used right away in consulting
  • Provide ongoing guidance and support to actually apply the new learning from the courses and Series